An Alaskan Life of High Adventure


With many stories of Alaskan Adventures and some miraculous escapes, the book follows Jim’s life and family in the Territory of Alaska prior to Statehood and through the years of being one of the early mountain guides on North America’s highest mountain, 20,320 ft. Denali (Mt. McKinley).



  • Explore the wonders of Alaska through the eyes of the Hang Glider Expedition that flew from the summit of Denali in 1976.
  • Survive plane crashes, avalanches and the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964, one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded.
  • Glide through the life-filled waters of Southeast Alaska in ocean kayaks, build wilderness cabins and enjoy an adventure-filled Alaskan Life!
  • Experience the life-saving intervention of God!

“Coursing through the Hale family arteries is not blood but adventure- from parents to grandchildren the arteries pump pure adventure.”
Larry Kaniut, author of
Alaska Bear Tales and Cheating Death: Amazing Survival Stories from Alaska

3 reviews for An Alaskan Life of High Adventure

  1. Timothy Hedrick

    Way cool.

  2. Mary Jo

    Really enjoyed your book, Jim. It was fun to “live” the adventures with you. I must admit, I was glad to live many of them vicariously! I enjoy the wilderness for the peace, solitude and beauty, and yes, sometimes the physical challenge and the awesome beauty of the storms — but I don’t purposely seek an extreme adrenaline rush. ? Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us. I trust that God will bless this new adventure in a mighty way. Glad to be on the adventure with you! mjn

  3. Melissa Mary Lee Shaw

    This book was a total page turner. Jim does a wonderful job of expressing his experiences. I would recommend it to anyone, outdoor enthusiast or not. Jim’s adventures in Alaska and the way he has lived his life are very inspiring.

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