Las Vegas Book Signing

Events vary from small book signings to speaking in schools, service clubs and churches. Audiences love to hear about Alaska and adventure! Slide presentations include the 1976 Denali Hang Glider Expedition that launched four flyers from the summit of North America’s highest mountain. Vision, Teamwork, Unity of Purpose and Valuing Challenge are common themes of presentations.

Students enjoy seeing the slides and hearing about living the life and writing the book. Classes that are interested are usually English classes with applications to Outdoor Education, Aviation, Geography, Alaska History and Photography classes as well.

Churches find testimonies of God’s presence, power and miraculous provision to be encouraging and inspiring! God’s love and Divine Intervention saved Jim’s life more than once! Hear about God’s empowering grace carrying Jim through a week of supernatural survival.

Let us know if you have an interest in an event in your area.

Example Events:

Life Community Church:

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