What’s Your Story?

So, what do you think? Is there a God who cares and intervenes in our lives at our invitation? That’s certainly my experience. What about you? Have you had experiences that convince you that there is “Something More?” Tell me about it….

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?

  1. In the past months I walked a very dark road. One lined with fear, anger, loneliness, confusion, and above all the absence of God. I had come to the end of a road that began many years ago and I felt an emptiness so deep that there was a hole right through me. Yes, I knew the Lord and I loved Him immensely, but I honestly felt as though He did not love me, or should I say I didn’t love myself. Then, with an abruptness, the Lord showed Himself once again. He told me of a love, a compassion and a grace that only He can give. He reminded me of who I am in Him and than I am dearly loved child. The doors of joy in Him have opened once again and the communion I have with Him on a daily basis is infinitely amazing. The Holy Spirit never ceases to amaze me. He is romancing me. There is no God but Him and He is jealous for me. He will never leave me nor forsake me. This is absolute truth, not relative truth, but ABSOLUTE. I just want to tell anyone and everyone that there is a new season amongst us. A season of healing and forgiveness. I for one have to step up and live it. Life is life, but with Him on my side I can’t go wrong. Peace and blessings to all of you.

  2. Yes, there is a God who intervenes in our lives! On 9/29/11 I was in our 5th wheel up in the bedroom, started coming down the steps and somehow missed one of the steps. I fell in a way that I believe would have broken my neck if I landed in the hallway, except as I was falling, I felt hands come up underneath me and literally carry me past the hallway into the livingroom, gradually laying me down onto the floor! And there was no one there except me and my husband, and he was in the livingroom standing, looking out the front door, and he did not see me fall. I never hit the hallway! The last time I fell off those steps, I went down in the hallway and really hurt myself, but not this time! Do I believe the Lord gives His angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways as it says in Luke 4:10,11? Yes I do! In Psalm 91:11, He said their hands shall bear you up! And they did! I’m still in awe and totally convinced now that He is always with us and watching over us, no matter what we may think! Thank you Jesus!

  3. So many people have experiences like this that cannot be naturally explained. I believe the right word to describe it is Grace; the love and favor of a living God who, inexplicably, chooses to show up in the most amazing ways in His own time and fashion. He is always there and always cares but it sure is amazing when the miraculous happens!

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