Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

Visibility and temperatures drop as the clouds lower, rain and wind increase as you climb a high mountain ridge. Time to go home!

Often, as we venture into areas of risk in life, whether on purpose or circumstantially, we find ourselves in need of a reverse gear. My son Michael and my attempted traverse of El Diente peak and Mt. Wilson in the Colorado Rockies was one of those. Up early after a crystal clear night, we noticed the stars were not as visible and it was warmer than it should be. Not good signs in the mountains! After some time scrambling up steep talus slopes by the light of our headlamps we began to experience light rain, then wind and sideways, driven rain as we climbed into the lowering clouds around 13,000 ft. The temperature began to drop as well as the cloud cover, the wind kept increasing and soon we came to the disappointing conclusion that it was time to head down.

It was a great trip! Sometimes the experience of the moment is more memorable than an achieved summit. Life is like that. Enjoy the moment, draw close to your teammates. Communicate. Watch out for each other and you’ll find your trusted relationships deepening. Even when we don’t get where we want to go physically, the highest and most fulfilling goal of all is deep and genuine relationships with God and one another. Michael and I had many wonderful hours of quiet conversation and enjoyment of the surrounding beauty as well as the miles of slogging through the mud under our heavy packs on the hike out!

Live the Adventure!

5 thoughts on “Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

  1. A truly wonderful trip. Often times while in the mountains things don’t go according to plan. Very few times have I been outside without a lesson learned, whether it be a new technique, or a lesson in humility. This trip with my dad was as he said, “not quite a live and learn moment, this is just plain LIVING!”

    Thanks again for another spectacular adventure!

    • Great insight. I think God looks at our relationships as the goal and destiny and not the location or what our efforts produce. We often are more focused on the outcome and not the journey.

      • True. The longer I walk in spiritual realms with the Lord, the more I realize what He is after mostly is my trust. That the real achievement goal He is desiring is that I would recognize His presence, love and abilities and live with Him NOW, in the moment and then let Him lead through into whatever the future holds.
        Its far too easy to be paralyzed by goal-oriented perfectionism and miss the beauty of the journey. Goals are great, without them we would go nowhere but walking with God through the valley is more important than reaching the end.

  2. What a great site! I’ve been enjoying it, thank you! I have to say that I totally understand about God being after your trust. It’s been a challenge for me for years and then last year in December I had 2 strokes with total right side paralysis, loss of memory, difficulity doing the simplest things, exhaustion most all the time and not being able to control my blood pressure still with side effects. This has been an interesting journey especially for someone like me. But I am learning that my strength and determination only comes from Him. I don’t know what the future holds and even with the fear of this happening again, I know I must let Him lead me wherever He chooses and in whatever He decides is best. The lessons are interesting and somewhat amazing, but not as amazing as He is! My love to you all and may God always keep you in His care on your journey! May the mountain peaks continue taking you to a much higher level with Jesus!

    • Adventure is an often used word with many different implications. Most definitely, adventure happens when things begin to fall apart! Trusting in the Presence and the goodness of God in the midst of pain and confusion is one of the highest forms of worship as well as an amazing adventure. If we can be real about the problem and still find it in our hearts to trust and rest in His love we can find the true comfort and eventual healing Christ is for us. God bless you!

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